From 5th to 7th of April, the Butokukan team went to Chambery France to participate in the 30th seminar and the friendly Coupe des Alpes organized by our friends from Chambéry Nihonto Dojo, thank you for your organizing for a such successful annual events 👏. We wish you more success in this event series for many more years 🥰👍💪.

For the taikai, our butokukan team teamed up with 2 young and talent kendokas from Geneve. The team passed the pool and our fighters had impressive fights with other kendokas coming from many countries. The fighting spirit was really high 🔥

To add a final touch to the success of the seminar, we happily announce that our friend Thomas Cylny passed his Go-dan exam at the end of the event 🤩🥳👍. We wish him all the best on the path of pursuing his kendo.

Many thanks to the organizers again, and see you again soon.


Winter Seminar 2023

It’s a good moment to remember the Winter Seminar 2023 edition 😊🙏

Besides all the trainings (including Ito sensei in Butokukan) and kendo competition, we had great success in both kendo and iaido examinations:

4th dan kendo: Mateusz

3rd dan kendo: Anissa, Tuan

2nd dan kendo: Pranas, Mathieu

1st dan kendo: Rebecca

2nd dan iaido: Saskia

1st dan iaido: Claude

Congrats to all 👏👏👏😃🤩 ..another 👣 on the way!

Belgian Kendo team championship

In the Belgian team championship, our Butokukan team members had great fights where we showed our best kendo with full spirit and friendship 🙏🔥🥰.

At the end of the day, we congratulated the success of our members for their exams 🥳 so let’s welcome our new:

– Agnė Žagrakalytė shodan.

– Ali TAIEBI nidan.

Khang NGUYEN sandan.

We wish them all the best and that they will continue steady on their kendo path.

Championnats BKR de Kendo 2023

BKR Kendo Championships and examinations took place today in ULB. We had one participant in the ladies’ category and four in the men’s category, two referees and one kakari-in. Great spirit of everyone today 😊

We are very happy to announce that there are four new kendo Ikkyu in Butokukan.

Congrats Rebecca, Agne, Davide and Maximilien 👏🥳🤩

Championnat de Belgique Iaido 2023

Belgian Iaido Championship 2023 on May 21st ended with a lot of energy and success for the whole team Butokukan 🥳🥳🥳

Everyone participated with all the fighting spirit and showed their best in all the categories 🔥🔥🔥. At the end of the championship, many lessons learned and to be brought into our next practices ⚔️⚔️⚔️.

In addition to that, we also celebrate some achievements of the day:

🥇Gold medal sandan: Maya Boujraf

🥇Gold medal nidan: Khang Nguyen

Finally, Claude Pigel completed the day with her success in the Ikkyu exam.

Congratulations to them and all of our participants for a wonderful day ❤️❤️❤️

Kojika cup 2023

Le 6 mai dernier, notre équipe « junior » Butokukan a participé à la Kojika cup 2023 à Gand.

L’équipe a eu une journée explosive avec beaucoup de belles actions, de plaisir et de réussites :

🌸Adrianna médaille d’or 🥇 catégorie technique 14-18
🌸Médaille d’argent Yahya 🥈 catégorie technique 14-18
🌸Médaille de bronze Ilyas 🥉 catégorie technique 5-9
🌸Ibrahim Fighting Spirit 🏅 catégorie technique 10-13
🌸Ali et 🌸 Fabio brûlaient 🔥 🔥 🔥 dans leurs shiais 💪💪💪

Belgian Kyu Championships 2022

The Belgian Kyu Championships took place yesterday. Butokukan won medals and also got two new Shodans. The event was a great experience for everyone: competitors, referees and kakari-in’s.

🥉 3rd place Team Shiai

🏅Fighting Spirit Team Shiai: Pranas

🥈2nd place Technique competition (adult): Pavel

🥉3rd place Technique competition (juniors): Ibrahim

Shodan: Nicolas & Pranas

Congrats to everyone 🤩