Kojika cup 2023

Last May 6th, our “junior” Butokukan team participated in the Kojika cup 2023 in Ghent.

The team had an explosive day with a lot of beautiful actions, fun and successes:

🌸Adrianna gold medal 🥇 technical category 14-18
🌸Yahya silver medal 🥈 technical category 14-18
🌸Ilyas bronze medal 🥉 technical category 5-9
🌸Ibrahim fighting Spirit 🏅 technical category 10-13
🌸 Ali and 🌸 Fabio were burning 🔥 🔥 🔥 in their shiais 💪💪💪

Belgian Kyu Championships 2022

The Belgian Kyu Championships took place yesterday. Butokukan won medals and also got two new Shodans. The event was a great experience for everyone: competitors, referees and kakari-in’s.

🥉 3rd place Team Shiai

🏅Fighting Spirit Team Shiai: Pranas

🥈2nd place Technique competition (adult): Pavel

🥉3rd place Technique competition (juniors): Ibrahim

Shodan: Nicolas & Pranas

Congrats to everyone 🤩