The last training of Heini and Akseli

And there it was… the last training of Heini and Akseli in Butokukan before their departure for new adventures. Simple recipe for the evening: great keikos, little ceremony finalized with drinks.Thank you very much for everything you brought to us! You are definitely part of the BTK family… wherever you are 😉😍All the best to Downunder 🙃

Back to dojo (Kendo)

Finally! We were 25 people in the first kendo training in the dojo… Wow! So much enthoutiasm to practise again in real life 😃 Nice soft training for the re-start, and we finished off with ji-geiko. Such a perfect Friday evening 😍🤩

Next week we are fully back in the normal training scehdule:

  • Monday: kendo 19-21
  • Tuesday: iaido 19-20, kendo 20-21
  • Wednesday: iaido 18-20
  • Friday 19-21

In the meanwhile… enjoy the weekend!

Back to dojo (Iaido)

Finally! We restarted the trainings in the dojo yesterday, the very first day it was possible. Everyone very happy to practise together again, and to enjoy the après kendo 😀🤩😍We’ll continue with kendo on Friday!